Women Veterans Advocate

BriGette has overcome incredible obstacles in her life to become a champion in women veteran advocacy.  Her approach to empowering women veterans begins with networking and developing resources that women can easily access in their local communities. 

Corporate Trainer and Speaker

BriGette has over a decade of public speaking experience under her belt, and she has thrived under pressure when testifying before Congress on behalf of American women veterans. Her style is very approachable, uplifting, and can be tailored to any audience. She has been contracted to lead CEU workshops, Guest Lecture, train senior-level government professionals, and assist with facilitating workshops for transitioning veterans. She has experience hosting and speaking at live streamed national conferences bringing nuanced educational content to diverse professionals including veteran populations. 

Training and Innovation Consulting

Given the increasingly competitive global business landscape, organizations must possess the knowledge and HR training necessary to function effectively in today’s multicultural environments. Managers and employees require certain skill sets to appropriately address situations relating to cultural differences in the workplace. Workplace diversity influences every aspect of how business is conducted, from the customization and marketing of products and services to talent management techniques. 

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BriGette McCoy