Ms. BriGette McCoy is an Author a New Media Advisor and Gulf War Era Veteran. Ms. McCoy serves as Vice Chair to the City of Atlanta Veteran’s Affairs Commission, Advisory Board member for Protect Our Defenders and a Treasurer for Federally Employed Women’s Atlanta Chapter 

Ms McCoy founded Women Veteran Social Justice Network to address special difficulties faced by women veterans. Women Veteran Social Justice Network connects and empowers women veterans using telehealth concepts, new media and emerging technology. WVSJ Network leverages peer­ support networking, multi­platform information gathering, and collaborative advocacy to develop a comprehensive network that addresses the needs of hundreds of thousands of participants while raising awareness unique women and veteran issues.

Ms. McCoy leads initiatives that facilitate diversity and cultural competence to support the women and minority veteran communities. She has developed new research questions related to military sexual trauma and other interpersonal violence homelessness and poverty, suicide and other underrepresented veteran health care issues.

Ms. McCoy produces live streamed and on-demand veteran programming through a collaboration between WVSJ and Kennesaw State University. She consulted on the Emmy Award-winning Service: When Women Come Marching Home. She was requested and testified to the Senate Committee on Armed Services Personnel in 2013. She has served on the Surgeon General’s suicide prevention board.

Media interviews include CNN and National Public Radio, and HLN. She was published in the January 2016 Issue of The American Institute of Stress Combat Stress Special Edition on Women in The Military. Ms. McCoy earned a Bachelors of Science in Psychology in 1999 from the University of North Carolina, Charlotte. She has completed multiple master courses in education with an emphasis on media design technology. 

She can be reached at brigmccoy@icloud.com